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What Are Mouth Lesions?

Posted on 7/10/2023 by DrGent
What Are Mouth Lesions?Oral lesions indicate significant health issues in the mouth, but more often than not, they also serve as a warning sign that something else in the body is not functioning well. By a significant margin, Canker sores are the most prevalent kind of mouth-related lesion. They are frequent, and as long as the wounds heal on their own, there is no need to be concerned about them. However, canker sores that do not heal after a reasonable time may indicate oral or skin cancer. If you have any mouth lesion that heals slowly for more than two weeks, you should make an appointment with an oral surgeon as soon as possible.

Numerous Things Can Cause Moth Lesions

A mouth sore, or oral lesion, is an open sore on the gum tissue. Some are frequent, while others are uncommon. Sometimes they manifest as patches of missing skin, and if left unchecked, they may develop into necrosis of deeper tissues. Oral lesions may point to more significant problems with your oral health, but they more often signal a systemic issue. The majority of people who have sores in their mouths have canker sores. If they go away on their own, they aren't dangerous to your health and happen often.

On the other hand, canker sores that don't go away might be a sign of cancer of the mouth or skin. A visit to the oral surgeon is needed if any lesion in the mouth takes longer than two weeks to heal. Mouth sores may be brought on by anemia, infections of many kinds, autoimmune diseases including lupus, cancer therapies, physical trauma, and stress.

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