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What Is Pulp Therapy?

Posted on 8/7/2023 by DrGent
What Is Pulp Therapy?The pulp is the lifeline of your teeth. The part harbors the nerves, blood vessels, and soft tissue and supplies oxygen and nutrients to your teeth. At times, it can suffer damage and inflammation. Children have a high prevalence of pulp damage due to traumatic injury or tooth decay, which exposes them to inflammation and pain. When you visit a dentist, they can suggest your kid undergo pulp therapy as part of the treatment procedures. However, you may not have an idea what it involves or entails. Keep reading to learn more about pulp therapy.

Understanding Pulp Therapy

Pulp therapy is a dental treatment that focuses on restoring, treating, and saving an infected tooth in kids. It is also known as a baby root canal or pediatric pulp therapy. This intervention seeks to preserve your baby's damaged tooth, which helps them to chew, speak, and prevent teeth misalignment. The option also relieves your kid from the discomfort of the infected tooth.

Types Of Pulp Therapy

When a dentist notices your kid has a damaged tooth that requires pulp therapy, they can recommend either pulpotomy or pulpectomy as the treatment option. Pulpotomy therapy involves the removal of the tooth crown only. The goal is to get rid of the damaged or infected part of the pulp. It is suitable for baby or permanent teeth and ensures only the unaffected and healthy pulp tissues remain in the area.

A pulpectomy is a procedure a dentist will recommend when your kids' teeth have a severe infection, decay, or trauma. It involves the removal of the entire pulp tissues. The dentist will remove your kid's tooth crown plus its root. This way, your kid will be safe from additional damage and relief from pain.

If your kid is struggling with a cavity that is spreading to the cavity, it is crucial to consider pulp therapy. Visit our office today and discuss the way forward with one of our dentists.
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