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Caring For Your Dentures

Rendering of removable partial dentureDentures are incredibly beneficial prosthetic devices that can enhance your visual appeal and oral health. All they need in exchange is a little care and upkeep. They can last long while offering a comfortable, confident smile if you take good care of them. At Sola Smile Co., Dr. Thomas Gent and Dr. Audrey Su provide our patients with continuous guidance on how to take care of their dentures.

Tips on Caring for your Dentures

Dentures demand regular day-to-day cleaning and maintenance to keep looking their best. One can take several steps to ensure their dentures remain clean and free of stains at all times:

Clean Your Dentures Every Day

Since dentures function similarly to natural teeth, they require similar care and maintenance that one would do to keep their natural teeth looking clean and healthy. Hence, cleaning your dentures is essential to eliminate harmful bacteria and food particles and avoid plaque buildup. Dr. Thomas Gent recommends using a soft toothbrush and a quality denture cleaning solution.

It is best to refrain from using toothpaste since it can damage your denture and lead to scratches. To clean your dentures, you must remove them from your mouth and use gentle strokes to rub the cleaning solution in. When done cleaning, wash the dentures with lukewarm water and clean the insides of your mouth before wearing them again.

Carefully Handle Your Dentures

When handling your dentures, always make sure you are being gentle and avoid exerting too much pressure. Excessive pressure during handling or any accident where you drop the dentures on a hard surface may increase the likelihood of them bending or breaking. Always use a soft cushion while handling your dentures. For example, if you are holding them over a sink, lay a towel on the floor to protect them from harm if they fall.

Keep Your Dentures in Water When Not in Use

One of the most critical care measures that denture owners must take is to offer their dentures the moisture they need to keep functioning optimally. Dentures must remain wet to retain their shape and prevent issues like warping. Keep them in a denture-cleaning solution or regular water when not in use. Avoid using hot water to soak them since it can cause dentures to lose their form.

Practice Oral Hygiene

Some individuals may overlook oral hygiene when they get dentures and only focus on keeping them clean. However, it is essential to remember that when you get dentures, keeping your mouth clean is even more critical. Make sure you rinse your mouth every time you take your dentures out. Clean your gums and tongue with a soft brush to avoid bacteria buildup and maintain fresh breath.

Keep Up with Regular Dentist Visits

While regular care and maintenance can help keep your dentures in optimal condition, you can easily miss early signs of damage or wear and tear. Your dentist has the necessary tools and expertise to inspect your dentures and ensure they fit perfectly and don't need repairs or replacements. Moreover, regular dental checkups can help you spot signs of oral complications in the early stages and help treat them before they worsen.

If you are interested in getting dentures or want your dentures to be looked at by an experienced professional, you can call us at 512-615-9405 to book an appointment.

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