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Root Canal

3D rendered cross-section view of a tooth and its roots.A root canal is an operation that entails eliminating pulp from the tooth. The pulp comprises nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels that support tooth formation. After the pulp has been removed, the afflicted tooth is cleaned, sanitized, filled, and sealed by the dentist. The main objective of this procedure is to avoid tooth loss. The main source of pain and suffering is not the treatment itself but the infection. Before beginning the process, the dentist will anesthetize the area surrounding the tooth to manage pain. You may experience soreness following the treatment, which over-the-counter medications can relieve. Visit Sola Smile Co. to book an appointment for a root canal procedure.

Who is a Candidate for a Root Canal?

A root canal is beneficial for those with damaged, irritated, or inflammatory pulp. It is also suitable for those with a big cavity, a fractured tooth, or problems with previous fillings. Microorganisms infect the bone by degrading the pulp and entering the root apertures. This results in the bone weakening and deterioration, which causes the ligaments surrounding the tooth to grow and become looser. Without treatment, the infection may spread to other mouth regions and, if it worsens, may require tooth extraction.

People with destroyed or wounded pulp are more susceptible to temperature variations when consuming hot or cold beverages. People who feel pain when biting or chewing food require a root canal. Additionally, people with gums that are swollen, inflammatory, or with pimples may benefit from a root canal. If you experience severe tooth pain, make sure you visit your dentist. It’s also a good idea to get frequent dental exams. Your dentist will find any possible issues during your dental examination and recommend the most appropriate course of action for you.

Root Canal Process

The technician will lead you to the treatment room when you show up for your dental appointment. The dentist will numb the gums surrounding the injured tooth to ensure you don’t experience any discomfort throughout the procedure.

Once the affected area has been numbed, the dentist will cut a tiny incision on top of the tooth and take a file to scrape away all of the damaged pulp. In order to properly treat the infection and reduce the risk of reinfection, the dentist will administer antibiotics into the afflicted area after removing the pulp. The canals will then be cleaned and sterilized. Your dentist will seal the tiny hole with a temporary component to stop saliva from harming the canal. The dentist will fill the canal with a sealer paste, which is a rubber-like substance.

The dentist will inspect the tooth and the area around it to ensure that there is no infection. Avoid biting or chewing with the tooth until a permanent filling has been placed.

For more details about the root canal procedure, visit Sola Smile Co.. Call us today at 512-615-9405 for inquiries.
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